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Sunland Springs Village Computer Club

SSV Online Forum Information

SSV Online Forum is a free e-mail communication tool that allows community members to easily share information that is of interest to SSV residents, and that is not typically available in the Village Voice or Channel 22.

Do you want to know where there is a good restaurant, sell or buy something, ask what's happening here or there? The SSV Online Forum is the place to do this.

This group is called ssvforum@yahoogroups.com and is not affiliated with the SSV HOA or Farnsworth Inc., but rather a service provided by the SSV Communications Committee.

Here are the details:

1.    This group works much like most 'List Servers' in that any subscribed member can post a message.

2.    That message then goes to ALL people who are current members of the group.

3.    Any replies to the message that are posted will automatically go to ALL subscribed members, not just to the person who has posted the message.

4.    You can elect to be unsubscribed at any time.

5.    Your e-mail ID is not shown unless you make a post or reply to a post. So you can be a ‘viewer’ or an active member depending on whether or not you want to make posts, or replies to posts.

6.    You do not need to be a member of either Yahoo or the SSV Computer Club (although the computer club encourages your membership if you have an interest in computers, at ANY level).

To subscribe to this service, click here to send a message to the administrator.

Your message must include the following items:

Your first and last name.

The e-mail address you want to use.

Your SSV street address and telephone number, to verify residency.

Also mention if you want the individual posts sent as separate e-mails, or just one daily e-mail listing all posts for the day (called Digest).

This information will NOT be shared with any other entities. The street address and telephone number will be used by the service moderator, only if there is a problem with your subscription.

If you have questions regarding the services contact the SSV Online Forum administrator at  hsteinle@hbsteinle.com or via phone 480.982.3567.



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